Better the devil you know

According to some, the onset of the Legal Services Act is an apocalypse on a par with the Big Bang. But could it be true that some lawyers are inclined towards exaggeration?

Solicitors, supermarkets, banks, insurers and motor organisations will all soon be clamouring to offer the unsuspecting public legal advice, according to the latest promotional release from Herts-based firm Underwoods.

Sadly, say Underwoods, it is easy to dismiss lawyers as money-hungry beasts and, even more tragically, that has been true since Shakespeare’s day.

But despite your supposed reservations about lawyers, surely, argue Underwoods, you wouldn’t want your legal advice coming from an organisation such as Northern Rock?Never mind. Underwoods is at hand to save the day. Rest assured, the firm is not one of those money-hungry beasts. Chief executive Kerry Underwood promises: “Your case will not take a walk to Qatar or be flogged off or nationalised as a subprime Northern Rock asset.”

The public is in safe hands.