A&O finalises partner moves

Allen & Overy (A&O) has decided on the list of partners moving to the Canary Wharf Citibank tower in March

Initial plans included corporate lawyers but it is now clear that the first group to move will be a finance team.
The six partners are asset finance specialist Andrew Joyce, leverage finance specialist Jacky Evans, projects specialist Brian Harrison, telecoms specialist Julie Salt and syndicated loans specialists Jonathan Brownson and Simon Roberts.
Up to 20 associates will also move and two more partners will join the team in May, although a decision on those names is yet to be finalised.
Harrison, who led the banking team that advised the banks on Canary Wharf when it went into administration in 1992, said that the six partners represent a microcosm of the banking department.
“The team were selected along product lines and obviously it made sense for me to be included given my connection with Canary Wharf,” he said.
The office space in the Citibank tower is temporary and the HQ3 development in Canary Wharf is expected to be completed within 18 months.
When A&O move to HQ3 the team will be revised and expanded.