When the Halliwells runs dry

Like a decapitated chicken that continues to flap around long after its severed head has hit the dusty ground, Halliwells is still managing to create waves several months after its demise.

The failed firm is facing a series of court actions over a number of employment issues, with claims including allegations of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal (see story).

But with the defunct firm’s own funds understandably somewhat thin on the ground, and with its administrators at BDO trying to claw back some £191m of debts, claimants could be turning their attention to HBJ Gateley Wareing. 

The national firm was one of four that picked the juiciest morsels from the Halliwells carcass last summer. That feeding frenzy now looks like it might come with a touch of delayed indigestion.

One of the claims comes from a group including former HR director Charles Crookall, who is thought to be one of 38 support staff allegedly given about 12-and-a-half seconds’ notice before being told to pack up their Pritt Sticks on the day the firm went under. Quicker brains will notice that that is a little shy of the 30-day statutory consultation period.

Back on the farm, it’s hard not to think of loyal old Boxer getting carted off to the knacker’s yard, blissfully unaware of his fate…


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