Lovells keeps MacDonagh with new management role

Former Lovells managing partner Lesley MacDonagh has decided to stay on at the firm in a significant U-turn.

MacDonagh, who stood down as managing partner a year early, had agreed a one-year handover with new incumbent David Harris and said she would then leave the partnership.

While it is understood that MacDonagh has been offered directorships outside the firm, she agreed to stay after Harris restructured the management to create a new position that will report to him.

MacDonagh will stay in the partnership until at least April 2006, and may then become a non-equity director.

Harris said: “This was the right time to reconfigure the managing partner role to allow me to spend more time on strategic and business-facing issues. This is a role which I would have been looking to fill anyway, but obviously Lesley brings a lot extra to the party.”

MacDonagh will handle ‘inward-facing’ issues, including partnership planning and training, lateral hires and premises. Harris will continue to receive reports from HR, business development, finance and the practice stream leaders direct.

MacDonagh said: “I’ll be very pleased to be supporting David Harris and working with an excellent team.”