MBR&M’s triumphant triumvirate

Mayer Brown

Rowe & Maw is planning ahead with its innovative new ‘office of the chairman’, as first revealed on www.thelawyer.com (18 August).

Current chairman Ty Fahner steps down in April 2007, and the firm’s management committee is proposing a three-person ‘office of the chairman’ to replace him.

Current general counsel James Holzhauer will be titular chairman, with UK managing partner Paul Maher and Washington DC head Ken Geller as deputy or vice-chairs.

This compromise seems to have assuaged all of the egos involved and has prevented the distinct possibility of one of the firm’s leading lights flouncing out in a fit of pique.

The three key players will split responsibilities. Holzhauer will be responsible for integration and risk management, Maher will take charge of global strategy and Geller will control global operations.

It is hoped that the new team will complete a seamless handover, but the political shenanigans running up to the announcement have been pretty explosive. Don’t be surprised if there’s more fireworks to come. Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every Wednesday by subscribing to Lawyer News Weekly.

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