Barlow Lyde gains Alsops Hong Kong partners

ALSOP Wilkinson will integrate its Hong Kong business with its main UK practice following a decision by two key partners and their teams to join the Hong Kong office of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert.

The two firms released statements within an hour of each other last week. Barlow Lyde & Gilbert expressed pleasure at the appointment of partners Camille Jojo and Claudio de Bedin and Alsop Wilkinson announced it would seize the opportunity to take a new focus in South East Asia.

For Barlow Lyde & Gilbert the new appointments mean a doubling in size of its Hong Kong office to almost 40 people, including four partners.

Alsop Wilkinson is left with approximately 10 Hong Kong lawyers in its shipping practice, directed by partner Stewart Crowther. The changes occur on 1 October.

Alsop Wilkinson business development director Stewart McRorie said the firm was

disappointed by the loss of its partners, but had taken the opportunity to integrate its Hong Kong shipping arm into an international service.

“If anything, this helps us focus on shipping in the region's growth areas like Singapore,” he said.

Barlow Lyde and Gilbert senior partner Ian Jenkins said the new appointments would allow for a significantly wider service and a continued expansion throughout Hong Kong and China.