Woof justice

Tulkinghorn’s best friend is the brandy bottle. It is obedient and does not require walking. But he understands that other people have dogs to play this role.

One of Tulkinghorn’s scribes has learned that Scottish legal services ombudsman Jane Irvine is a fan of our pedigree chums – so much so that her four-legged friend Dougie accompanies her to the office every day.

Dougie’s so much a part of the office that he even features in the team photograph in the ombudsman’s annual report.

Trouble could be on the horizon for this happy arrangement, though, with Irvine preparing to take up her post as head of the nascent Scottish Legal Complaints Commission. The commissioners are currently on the lookout for a suitable building to move into, but Irvine has warned that if the building doesn’t allow dogs she’ll resign from her post.

That is true devotion. Tulkinghorn is willing to take the same sort of stance with his brandy bottle, should the need ever arise.