Out to lunch

As Hugh Nineham will surely attest, if you can’t stand law firm catering there are many City restaurants that would be happy to oblige you. Tulkinghorn knows this through hard-won experience. His paunch did not get there by accident – he had to put in long hours at the dinner table.

There’s nothing lawyers like more than what surely must be the number one City perk – the working lunch. Lawyers across London – across the UK in fact – have got the art of fine dining down to, well, a fine art, voraciously lapping up new restaurant launches. And all in the name of building client relationships.

Now, though, Maclay Murray & Spens has thrown down the gourmet gauntlet by going so far as to publish its own restaurant manual, dubbed the Slaughterhouse Guide.

Lawyers at the firm are all but encouraged to go out for lunch and expense it just so they can write a review for the guide. The beauty of it is that the handbook is then gifted to clients, meaning that even lone lunches can be seen as networking events for the good of the firm.