Canon Europe to size up legal panels

Canon ;Europe ;has launched its first-ever series of formal panel reviews in emerging markets, targeting jurisdictions such as Russia and Dubai.

The legal group has begun to draw up panels in emerging markets to follow Canon Europe’s business expansion, initially targeting Russia and the Middle East with Canon’s Eurasia base in Turkey to follow.

Canon Europe general counsel David Bateson said: “As well as closer relationships, and of course high-quality legal advice, we would expect cost savings to flow from the reviews. We expect the law firms to identify the discounts so that I can show our CEO that we’re saving the company money.

“The legal support for emerging markets has been more reactive in the past and we didn’t really think about our law firms, or discuss discounts, in a particularly strategic way. “Now that our businesses are ;growing ;in ;those markets and the legal group’s supporting them in a much more proactive way, there’s more of a need to have those discussions.”