Apil head slams Govt’s PI reforms

The newly appointed president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (Apil) Amanda Stevens has kicked off her year-long term with a scathing attack on the Government.

The Charles Russell partner ;accused ;the Government of failing to combat problems in the personal injury (PI) sector that have seen costs rise without improving health and safety standards.

She ;said: ;”The ;Law Commission, set up to advise the Government on legal reform, has produced no less than eight papers on our personal injury system, which have taken an average of 10 years to even reach government consultation. Of the reforms suggested, less than half have been implemented.”

Stevens’ comments come as the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) plans to release a new framework for the PI sector. Under the reforms, claimant firms were told to speed up the claims notification process to drive down costs frontloaded into the process.

“Speed up the claims process, we’re all urged. Speed up and simplify your method of calculating damages,” said Stevens. “And yet, when out-of-court agreements fail to materialise and the victim’s solicitor has no choice but to issue court proceedings, we become bogged down in delay upon delay. There can easily be a six-month delay in securing a court hearing.”