Shooting stars

Despatches from the high life, part 362: Tulkinghorn is perturbed to hear that Taylor Wessing partner Dominic Fitzpatrick (bottom) may be joining the glitterati – but not through his own efforts. A chance remark in the school playground meant that his son was asked to make up the numbers in a catalogue shoot with some other kids.

Assuming that it was probably a photo session for one of those mail-order jobs, Fitzpatrick gave it little thought until he returned home that evening. So was it Grattan? Was it Argos? Was it even – gasp – mini-Boden? Was it chuff. Instead of modelling nylon-mix sweaters, Fitzpatrick junior had turned up on set to find that the catalogue was the new Burberry range, the photographer was Mario Testino (top) and the model was Kate Moss (centre). Unfortunately, the batteries on Mrs Fitzpatrick's camera went dead before the she could record the moment for posterity. But Tulkinghorn's mole in the playground tells him that Kate Moss has got great cheekbones, is back to a size six and smokes like a chimney. Only in North London.