Coming unstuck

Tulkinghorn has got used to law firms rebranding as though spending money on old rope's going out of fashion. What surprised him recently, though, was hearing that Barlow Lyde & Gilbert seems to have unbranded.

Last week, word reached Tulk-inghorn that the firm has had a new reception put in, without a whiff of its logo anywhere to be seen.

Tulkinghorn went to investigate, and heard the following sorry tale: the logo, which was to go on the glass panels in Barlow Lyde's new reception, just won't stick and keeps falling off.

But those Barlows law-yers who just can't start work in the morning with-out the reassurance of seeing their brand are not to worry. Senior partner Richard Dedman is having the offending panels removed and replaced with stickier glass, which will be with you shortly.