Election fever makes me ill

The prospect of more Law Society elections fills me, and I dare say many others in the profession, with dread.

I am haunted by the thought of more ramblings from our friends at Chancery Lane in the months to come as they compete for the throne, and I am rapidly coming around to the thought that Buggins was best.

At least he got on with it, went off on the ambassadorial trail, and little was heard from him again.

Was the end result, in terms of action, so different to what we have now? I think not. But now we have to suffer manifestoes, mandates, slates, joint tickets, and speeches.

The candidates are splashed all over the legal press and threaten to appear in law firms every now and then.

Perhaps the council could introduce a vote to stop all this. The bad old days don't look so bad any more.

Name and address withheld