Laws of attraction

Tulkinghorn’s lady helpers were delighted to meet one of Europe’s few attractive male lawyers last week.

A pair of scribes met Geza Toth-Feher, the former head of Dewey Ballantine’s German operations, last week at a Soho boutique hotel.

When they arrived, Toth was sat at a table talking to a lady whom the two presumed was a colleague. However, when the lady stood up, embraced one of the scribes and wished her a lovely evening, things got a little confused.

After the mysterious lady’s departure, the charming Toth conceded that she had come to join him while he was waiting and he’d had to tell her that he was meeting his wife in case her intentions were amorous.

And if this wasn’t enough, Toth was then approached by ladies on no fewer than three further occasions over the next hour, asking for, variously, the time, an ash-tray and a menu.

To be fair, Toth is no longer really a lawyer. He quit Dewey last December to set up his own law sector-focused private equity company.

Perhaps the German firms just weren’t ready for all the fans…