It's been a good week for…

Former friends of Jonathan Aitken, who can breath easily knowing that correspondence with the disgraced and bankrupt former cabinet minister cannot be sold to the media by trustees. Aitken is currently serving an 18-month sentence for perjury after the collapse of his libel case against The Guardian and Granada Television which had investigated his dealings with businessmen and heads of state.

Almost any civil lawyer, who may see a flood of work after the next election. Tory leader William Hague has rashly told voters they can sue if the party breaks election pledges.

Children who, as they returned for a new school year, learned that they may be able to sue their parents for 15 per cent of the family income when they turn 18. Nicholas Mostyn QC of the Family Law Bar Association warned MPs that proposals to replace the current complex child-support formula with a simple flat rate could have unexpected consequences giving children a right to a share of the family income, opening the way to law suits.

Bully the dog, who was cleared of biting a child after Judge Robert Brown agreed that it was a case of mistaken identity. Bully was allowed into the courtroom, where he rolled over for the judge and showed off his black and white coat, not the brown and white one of the offending dog.