Web week

The Lawyer’s Web Week is a weekly commentary on legal activity on the web. This includes an overview of the best of the week’s blogs. If you want to direct us to useful links, email webweek@thelawyer.com.

Wanted: big jobs

The job market is looking bleak for all but the ­sexiest lawyers these days, and the eagle-eyed ­bloggers at US legal site Above the Law (www.abovethelaw.com) have spotted the ­following ad on Craigslist (www.craigslist.org), which shows just how bad things have got.
“Are you a lonely lawyer? Maybe we can do something about that. I’m an ambitious 3L at a good school, and I’d ­really like to land a job
at a terrific firm. ­Unfortunately, my grades and the job market aren’t the best.

“Ideally, I would like to meet a cute hiring ­partner for ‘networking’. I’m sexy, petite, and very fun to be with. If you’re interested, please tell me a bit about yourself. I’d be happy to exchange pics.”

You used to have to sell only your soul to get a job in a big law firm. It really is a sign of the times when you have to sell your body as well.

Hero to zero

Web Week has just ­discovered the wonderful new website of insurance law firm Keoghs (www.keoghs.co.uk), specifically the candid confessions of the lawyers in the ‘Our ­People’ section.

You can find out a lot about the lawyers there. For example, we now know that, if she were a superhero, Coventry business director Allison Carr would want “the ability to disarm others with reason and logic without recourse to my ice queen super powers”.

Partner David Wynn is particularly open. The five words he uses to describe himself are “Ugly, thick skinned, hard nosed”, which makes him sound a bit like an Orc in Lord of the Rings. No need to be so hard on yourself David.