Spot the difference

Spot the differenceDuring his many years as a legal market commentator, Tulkinghorn has noticed that law firms tend to copy each other every now and again. If one gets a US merger partner then all the rest want one too, and so on.

Some are a bit late in copying, but do so nonetheless. An eagle-eyed law firm mole spotted the above evidence of cribbing from Irwin Mitchell.

Pictured are two client reports. One is from Irwin Mitchell, sent out this year. The other is from Eversheds, circa 2004.

The design, using Liquorice Allsorts as a motif, is exactly the same – almost down to the exact number of those pink coconut ones no one likes.

Tulkinghorn is confused as to why this image should be so popular, but thinking too much about it is giving him sugar cravings.