Separated at birth

Separated at birthOf all the big showbiz names, there can’t be many who boast such a diverse fan base as Welsh songbird Charlotte Church.

Your gran loves her classical CDs. So does your mum. Gruff, tough rugby fans who know her as Gavin Henson’s girlfriend think she’s a bit of all right, as do readers of FHM magazine with their tissues and issues. Then there is the 1.9m viewers who ­regularly tune into The Charlotte Church Show on Channel 4. Not to mention the gossip massive who scan the pages of Heat and its imitators week in week out.

With all that attention, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that Charlotte, in the guise of Alex Thrower, has opted to take a break from the glare of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs. The girl with the voice of an angel now has the job of a lawyer – specifically, that of managing the legal team at Teva Pharmaceuticals.