LitigationThe litigation increase expected to come out of the global economic climate may take some time to take hold, but litigators are already in their busiest period for almost a decade.

Looking back to the recession of the 1990s, litigators said it took around two years before economy-related cases hit the courts. They expect that this will be the same this time round; however, the number of disputes is likely to be a lot higher.

These Litigation and ADR Special Reports examine many of the cases that have been keeping the courts busy this year.

The first report looks at the Court of Appeal’s ruling in BSkyS v Virgin that the client’s right to choose its legal team is paramount.

The second report examines Springwell, the third report examines UBS v Vestra and the fourth report examines the increase in cross-border disputes in China, Russia and the US.

Lastly, in the fifth report exmaines outcome of Yeoman’s Row Management v Cobbe.

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