The Standard’s substandard subs

Media lawyers these days are getting ever so famous. So famous, in fact,
that some of them don’t even return Tulkinghorn’s calls anymore.

Take high-profile H20 partner and former model Jason McCue, solicitor to
John Leslie and husband of husky-voiced beauty Mariella Frostrup.
Around the time Leslie was in court over allegations too hideous to mention
here, The Lawyer called ‘Famous Jase’ to ask if he would be willing to do a
profile interview. The call was not returned. Little wonder, as only the
other day he was pictured prominently, along with Mariella, in the Evening

The couple looked great, but the picture caption, which read ‘Mariella and
husband Marcus’, did not. Come back to us Jason. We still love you, and we
at least promise to get your name right.