Season’s bleatings

Ho, ho, ho! Okay, so it’s a bit early to be getting into the Christmas spirit – although Mrs Tulkinghorn is adamant that even now there simply aren’t enough shopping days left until the big day. But already the annual dilemma – should you or shouldn’t you send firm Christmas cards? – is raising its client-losing head.

Coming to the rescue via the worldwide electronic sled this week comes an artistic gem from NEBS Standard Forms. Apparently, this is the company that in its own words “offers a range of personalised Christmas cards that are a little different”. (Don’t you just love italics.) It goes on: “Specialising in the production of industry-specific cards, they have a card for the Lawyer profession entitled ‘Good Advice’.” Great. This exquisite portrayal of St Nick justifies the (admittedly not very large) expense with an oh-so-subtle message. “To provide maximum exposure,” bleats the marketing blurb, “lawyers can have their company details imprinted onto the card on the inside, even their company logo!” Golly, thought Tulkinghorn, what genius. A Christmas card that tells the recipient who you are. Now there’s an idea.