Firm profile: Rosling King

Known predominantly for its focus on finance, Rosling King represents many of the City’s key financial institutions. Heavyweight clients in this respect include the Lloyds TSB group of companies (including Target Holdings and Mortgage Express). However, its finance practice is just one part of a trinity of core areas.

The firm also handles commercial property for clients such as property developer Greycoat, although it primarily represents clients within the financial sector in such areas as portfolio sales, lending and property investment funds.

Rosling King’s third major practice area plank is insurance and reinsurance (where clients include Axa Corporate Solutions and LF Insurance), and in particular professional indemnity litigation. Its reputation is founded on its involvement in several of the landmark cases in this area. These include Mortgage Express v Bowerman, Target Holdings v Redferns, Platform Home Loans v Oyston Shipways, the SAAMCO and Nykredit groups of cases and the Nationwide managed litigation.

According to senior partner Georgina Squire, the law in this third area is far from settled. “As Britain becomes more of a litigious nation, the duties associated with those working within the professions have become more and more important,” she says. “This area has seen massive expansion and is set to continue to grow over the next few years.”

Overseas work is also expanding for Rosling King. In 1996 the firm responded to client requests for international advice by initiating an overseas network. The network, which now numbers upwards of 150 firms worldwide, has opened its door to many multinational clients. Specifically, Rosling King now represents a number of Scandinavian clients that regularly insure risks in the London market.

Consequently, the last two years has seen continued expansion at the firm. “As a firm we work on a transactional basis, with team members chosen for their suitability for the task in hand,” says Squire. “Our lawyers regularly work in different teams in order to tailor client needs with specific areas of expertise. This flexibility, coupled with the fact that we have no departmental targets and no departmental barriers, means that we sidestep much of the office politics that is prevalent in other firms.”

The firm also recently developed a service that provides in-house training for clients wishing to set up their own legally-related systems. The firm claims that the facility, called Systems RK, goes beyond the usual seminars and workshop services often touted by firms. Instead, it offers a full spectrum of assistance, such as document auditing and management, structures for starting up a business and what it calls “project facilitation”.

According to Squire, the focus is on systems and training rather than pure legal work. “It adds a different dimension to the service we offer our clients and shows we’re in tune with their business needs,” she says.

Senior partner Owen Rafferty
Financial partner Georgina Squire
Number of equity partners Four
Total number of partners Eight
Total number of lawyers 40
Main practice areas Banking, commercial property and insurance
Key clients Barclays, Eagle Star and Lloyds TSB
Number of offices One
Location London