Are you for real?

Music lawyers are known for their ability to pop up, either in the flesh
or in print, in the most unusual and occasionally glamorous

Check out Roxy Music’s breakthrough single Virginia Plain, for example,
which name-checks Lee & Thompson partner Robert Lee in the first line.
Nice one Bryan.

Now here’s another legendary luvvie: Julian Turton, senior partner of The
Simkins Partnership and all-round music guru, can be revealed as none other
than Jules Trouttman (not Troutface, as Tulkinghorn first thought), the
lawyer who, in Kevin Sampson’s epic rock novel Powder, breaks the news to
the character ‘Wheezer’ that he’s worth £2m.

Trouttman tells Wheezer that he is “holding all the aces… that bands and
labels would form a disorderly queue for his services… that this was just
the start…” If only the same could be said of Simkins’ real clients.