Ward Hadaway eases North East passage to China

Ward Hadaway eases North East passage to China” />
Newcastle-based law firm Ward Hadaway, Deloitte and management consultants RTC North have joined forces to launch a service enabling North East companies to break into China.

The trio will provide a service that will guide companies on the legal, financial and organisational aspects of penetrating China, as first revealed on www.thelawyer. com (15 November).

Ward Hadaway commercial partner Damien Charlton said: “Many of our clients are looking at the overseas market and are especially interested in China, which can be a source of lower-cost manufacturing.

“Some clients might feel daunted about setting up in China by themselves as they have no concept of what’s involved. We can offer them a one-stop shop, advising on the steps involved.” Ward Hadaway has teamed up with Shanghai-based law firm Boss & Young, which will provide local law advice on issues such as joint venture agreements and IP.

Charlton said: “We went to Shanghai to find a firm to use as a partner. We needed to find someone to work with, to refer work to and to get general assistance from. Boss & Young are most closely matched to us in terms of understanding our type of client.

“If this scheme is successful then we’ll look to replicate it elsewhere. India would be the obvious next candidate.”

Ward Hadaway and Deloitte teamed up with RTC North after the consultancy received funding from the North East Regional Development Agency to provide advice to companies investing in China.

Charlton said: “Having received funding, RTC North realised it needed to pull together to provide a full offering.”