… Marrow moan

Another of Tulkinghorn’s spies found herself sitting next to Halliwells partner Stephen Hills at Friday’s gala dinner. When the soup was served (which was pumpkin) Hills got very excited and told said spy that last year his daughter had grown a pumpkin from a single seed.

“She nurtured and watered this seed and in no time at all a proper pumpkin was grown,” recalled Hills fondly. “It was the size of a dinner plate.”

As if to prove the point, Hills then proceeded to whip out his mobile phone and proudly show the hack a photo of the pumpkin.

Hills then revealed that his daughter entered the pumpkin into some or other cucurbita competition back home and that it only came second. Showing his lawyerly competitive nature at last, Hills said that he (and no doubt his daughter) had been most upset because the pumpkin that did in fact win was shaped like a marrow and not a pumpkin.