Corus harmonises its legal and business strategies

The legal team of steel giant Corus has carried out a wide-ranging business review designed to minimise risk and bring the company’s lawyers closer to the business.

The review, known as a ‘legal business plan’, was coordinated by Corus UK group director of legal, Eleanor Evans. It involved the in-house lawyers talking to each of the company’s 23 business units.

Evans said: “It’s about trying to get them to step back and think strategically.”

The company completed the review within the last month, producing reports on the findings after a year of work.

“The review’s findings have corroborated my gut instincts of things we need to focus on,” said Evans. “What I’m hoping it’s going to inform during the next year is a real concentration on the value-added work.”

The review examined issues such as risk management and how the legal team could better work with directors and businesspeople on issues such as directors’ duties and other regulatory matters.

Evans said she thought in-house lawyers had an important role to play in educating the business.

“The more we can get the lawyers talking to the businesspeople, the more business training they get,” she said.

The legal business plan will be repeated each year to adapt work as necessary.