Christian Salvesen hire resolves expensive employment law advice

Logistics company Christian Salvesen has joined the growing trend of UK companies insourcing employment work by hiring a dedicated lawyer for the function.

The move will be a blow for Baker & McKenzie, which currently handles all employment work for the company, which boasts some 13,000 employees.

Christian Salvesen group legal director Edward Peppiatt said: “Baker & McKenzie will continue to handle our overspill and international employment issues, but this situation will be looked at.

“We were spending more than £100,000 each year on outsourcing our employment law advice, and sometimes a lot more than that, and to be honest bringing it in-house was a fairly easy decision to come to.

“It’s a manual workforce. Parts of it are unionised and there are a number of issues to deal with. We had our employment lawyer start in October and it’s working extremely well.”

The hire of an employment specialist gives Christian Salvesen a legal function of nine.