CC and Lovells partners help review Commercial Court

Clifford Chance partner Simon Davis and Lovells partner Graham Huntley have been named as members of the new Commercial Court working group which will draw up proposals to improve the court’s procedures.

Davis, currently president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA) and Huntley, former LSLA president, join six other lawyers and judges on the group.

Mr Justice Aikens is to chair the group. Other members are Mrs Justice Gloster, 3/4 South Square’s Robin Knowles QC , chair of the Commercial Bar Association, Brick Court Chambers’ Alec Haydon, Devereux Chambers’ Alison Padfield, and Stephen Pearson, head of litigation for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The formation of the group follows the symposium held on 30 October this year to discuss potential changes to Commercial Court procedure following the high-profile collapses of the BCCI and Equitable Life cases in late 2005.

The group will examine possible amendments to the Admiralty and Commercial Court guide as well as proposals on the stricter implementation of the current court procedures.