Pavia name sparks row after split

New York boutique firm Pavia & Harcourt is in dispute with its former Italian associate, Pavia e Ansaldo, about the use of the Pavia family name after terminating its 40-year relationship with the firm.

Pavia & Harcourt, founded 52 years ago by Enrico Pavia, set up Pavia e Ansaldo in 1960. It terminated the relationship earlier this year due to management issues and formed an affiliation with top-tier firm Studio Legale Tonucci.

George Pavia, managing partner of Pavia & Harcourt, says: “Both by agreement and under Italian law, the name belongs to the heirs of my father Enrico. I am confident that they will be ordered to cease using the name and they may also be answerable for damages.”

He adds: “It is confusing to clients. We terminated our relationship with Pavia e Ansaldo and the name is a secondary issue, but an important issue.”

Pavia e Ansaldo declined to comment.