President on the record

Your 14 November issue contains two wholly false statements about me:

1. "He is believed to regularly submit unsolicited articles to The Times"

In recent months The Times has received four articles from me, each after prior discussion with its legal correspondent, Frances Gibb. One article (unpublished) was sent in on the basis that because of its particular theme it might or might not be acceptable. The other three articles were duly printed.

2. "Mr Mears is believed to be the source behind the front page story…about solicitor John Edge who is the subject of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement."

This story (I don't know whether it is true) has been in circulation for some time. I am certainly not the source for it.

On the question of submitting unsolicited articles, I might add that The Lawyer has (unsuccessfully) been pressing me for weeks to write something.

Martin Mears

Law Society President

Chancery Lane

The Lawyer replies: The article on the diary page was written in a light-hearted manner. In keeping with the paper's policy, the source for the original story was not revealed.