Craig v Tarmac Construction – QBD 31 October 1995

Claimant: Colin Craig, 4Accident: Plaintiff fell fixing scaffolding on building site

Injuries: Loss of consciousness at time of accident; loss of part of scalp skin; injury to right elbow; bruised knees; bruising of sacral area of back; post-traumatic amnesia for some minutes after accident; post concussional syndrome with headaches, giddiness, loss of concentration, irritability, lack of energy and low threshold of tolerance for noise

Award: £108,750 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Tucker

Plaintiff's solicitors: OH Parsons & Partners, London

Defendant's solicitors: Davis Arnold Cooper, London EC

Marlow v L W West & Co – QBD 26 October 1995

Claimant: Edward Marlow, 5Accident: Plaintiff car driver injured when his vehicle was hit by transit van

Injuries: Musculo ligamentous sprain to cervical and lumbar spines aggravated by pre-existing degenerative changes to spine; injury accelerated natural progression of symptoms by around three to five years. Result of injuries was that plaintiff, a police sergeant was given early retirement as symptoms precluded him from returning to work. His previous activities of DIY, household maintenance and gardening have all been much diminished; his ability to drive for long periods of time has been reduced; he is unable to walk for any distance in excess of a mile; enjoyment of marital relations reduced and he is unable to assist his daughter in looking after horses.

Award: £68,70Judge: Judge Orde

Plaintiff's solicitors: Vandamm Walters & Co

Defendant's solicitors: L Watmore & Co

Ashton v Cundy – QBD 26 October 1995

Claimant: Alan Ashton, Accident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Whiplash injury to back; bruising of right shoulder; bruising of right knee; pain in upper lumbar area; pain in backs of thighs and lower back; pain causes plaintiff to be bad tempered; unable to return to pre-accident occupation of brick-laying.

Award: £181,544

Judge: Judge Orde

Plaintiff's solicitors: Leeds Day, Huntingdon

Defendant's solicitors: Prettys, Ipswich