Addleshaws department puts labour law under one roof

MANCHESTER firm Addleshaw Sons & Latham has announced the creation of a specialist human resources department which combines all aspects of employment law under one roof.

Partner Malcolm Pike heads the new department which combines all employment, pensions and employee benefits matters.

He said: “Employment law, which originally grew out of litigation, has become such a complex and important subject of its own that it needs to be catered for in a more organised way.

“It covers pensions, employee incentives, share schemes and employee taxation as well as traditional employment issues. It seems sensible to create such a cross fertilisation of knowledge.”

Pike says he is not aware of any similar department in other Manchester firms.

“The move is not a response to competition from other firms but it does help us to keep one step ahead in the North-west.”

London firm Norton Rose created a similar department when it moved offices in December 1994.

A spokesperson said: “The human resources department brings together people who do separate but similar jobs. It creates a less compartmentalised environment which allows a more flexible service.”