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Swiss Federal Supreme Court follows the practice of EPO’s Board of Appeal on singling out

In a recent decision (4A_613/2019, 11 May 2020), the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) followed the practice of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) as it held that the singling out of single features from two separate lists of features and therefore the combination of these  two specific features constitutes an extension of the subject-matter of the patent application leading to its nullity.

Recent Commercial Court decision highlights the importance of strict compliance with claim notification provisions in share and business sale and purchase agreements

In a recently delivered decision, Dodika Limited & Others v. United Luck Group Holdings Limited [2020] EWHC 2101 (Comm), Mr Peter MacDonald Eggers QC (sitting as a Deputy Judge of the Commercial Court) has ruled that a notice of claim under a tax covenant contained in a share sale and purchase agreement (SPA) failed to comply with the requirements of the claim notification provisions in the SPA. As a result, a sum of USD 50 million held in escrow was liable to be released to the SPA sellers.

Cyber security: Proactivity vs reactivity

Worried about the rise in cyber crime? Peter Yapp explains to Counter Terror Business Magazine how to “expect the unexpected” and get proactive when it comes to cyber security.


Kowa ditches Eversheds to plump for Tite & Lewis

Tite & Lewis, the firm linked to Ernst & Young (E&Y), has snatched a new international client from under the nose of Eversheds The firm has just done its first piece of work for Japanese client Kowa Company, for whom it bought 5 per cent of the issued shares in UK-listed SkyePharma.SkyePharma was Kowa’s first […]


Above the law

After a stomach-churning ride in Charles Flint QC’s flying machine, Matheu Swallow finds out what makes this multitalented silk tick – and it certainly isn’t gardening “Let me start by running through the safety procedures quickly,” Charles Flint QC says. (Pause.) “There aren’t any.” Great. Here I am, no parachute, no air traffic control, well… […]

The Leader Column

Accidents will happen. One day the Clifford Chance reception is mysteriously croded with tall, tanned and toothy blokes in button-downs. The next day, the mass lateral hire out of Brobeck – revealed last week by The Lawyer – is off, just when the Metropole hotel was readying itself for an influx of CC partners ready […]

Empty promises

Tulkinghorn remembers the days when law firms would tell his colleagues on the news desk absolutely nothing. “We are a partnership,” they would shout, every time an intrepid young reporter asked them about, well, anything at all really.Tulkinghorn understands that some regional law firms are still slightly behind the times in this respect. So how […]

They know where you live

Tulkinghorn has learned that the paranoia that pervades the legal world may not be totally unjustified. One US firm in London is presided over by a managing partner who formerly worked for the FBI. Not only was he responsible for providing the director with reports on counter-terrorism and espionage, this man had to read all […]

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