PR Clifford guns for lawyer after lapdancing scandal

PR Max Clifford has initiated legal proceedings against a solicitor from West End firm Jeffrey Green Russell

As revealed in The Lawyer two weeks ago, Clifford is furious at the solicitor for negotiating a confidentiality contract between a lapdancer and his client Bryan Mcfadden of Westlife, and then acting for her in the sale of a news story that the contract prohibited.
Clifford is threatening to take Stuart Nuttall, the solicitor who negotiated the deals, to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS). Clifford says he is also considering suing the firm.
Clifford’s representative Clintons has written to Nuttall saying he may have acted in breach of solicitors’ conduct rules.
A Jeffrey Green Russell statement said: “We’ve responded in writing to Clintons fully rebutting any allegations that this firm has acted unprofessionally.”
A letter from Clintons to Nuttall stated: “You acted in the preparation and execution of a confidentiality agreement. Thereafter we understand that you actively sought to negotiate on your client’s behalf with third party newspapers… The provision of information by your client to the publishers clearly breached the agreement. At this time, we can only assume that you were aware that your client’s conduct was breaching the agreement… solicitors have a duty to report breaches to the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors.”
The letter goes on to state that if Nuttall does not give a satisfactory explanation for his conduct by 4pm on 22 May, Clifford will use Clintons to report him to the OSS.
When asked if he was also going to sue Jeffrey Green Russell for Nuttall’s actions, Clifford told The Lawyer: “We will see what happens on Wednesday. I’m certainly considering all my options and being advised by Clintons on this.”