Law maker and rule breaker

It's good to know that even senior partners bend the rules. Tulkinghorn and a couple of his reporters were having lunch with one in the City the other day, but when the coffee arrived, no one wanted to be the first to reach for a cigarette.
Finally, after much fiddling with rings on fingers and tuneful tapping of wine glasses, the senior partner in question rather hurriedly ordered a packet from the waitress. There was an instant sigh of relief as the reporters happily reached for their bags to retrieve their own brands.
However, the senior partner, not to be outdone, produced a nicorette patch and a selection of nicorette chewing gum for that extra hit. “I find nicotine really helps if I need to concentrate on something tricky that requires accuracy and speed,” he explained. To make matters worse, with little or no coercion, he admitted that he quite often breaks the firm's rules and steals the odd cigarette in his office.
Presumably he covers the smoke alarm first, or perhaps he is the cause of those suspicious fire alarm drills that are always so inconveniently timed.