Gibb reply

Tulkinghorn understands the need for release more than most, but is quite concerned for the sanity of Dickinson Dees lawyers.

The firm hosted (for the third year running) its annual song and dance competition, known this year as ‘Pap Idols’.

Dickinsons corporate partners Tim Care and Ian Greenshields beat off the competition with their rendition of Hearsay’s Pure & Simple – a reference to their corporate strategy, Tulkinghorn was reliably informed. But Tulkinghorn was told the most impressive act was undoubtedly a rendition of The Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive. The only reason that the three assistants – Stuart Wardlaw, Stephen Crook and Neil Harrison – who had spent half of their annual salaries on fake tan and chest hair (they should have just asked A&O’s David Morley to spare a bit) didn’t win, was because it was Tim Care’s third year of performing and his persistence was apparently taken into account.

Tulkinghorn was also told that Care was overheard telling two of the judges, corporate partner Neil Warwick and head of financial planning David Dale, “You’ll be walking like a woman’s woman if you let them win.”