White & Case fights Extradition Act

White & Case is joining forces with the Conservative Party in an effort to overturn the extradition arrangements between the UK and the US. The arrangements have caused controversy following the threatened extradition of the ‘NatWest Three’.

London litigation head Alistair Graham is in the process of working with the shadow attorney-general Dominic Grieve MP to draft amendments to the Police and Justice Bill currently going through Parliament.

Graham and the Conservatives want to bring the 2003 Extradition Act into line with the European Convention so that alleged offences committed partly in the UK should be tried here.

“It’s fantastically important for any business that has any relationship with the US,” Graham said.

The proposals come on the back of work that Graham is doing for Ian Norris, the retired chief executive of industrial giant Morgan Crucible, who is threatened with extradition to the US for alleged price-fixing offences.

Graham has applied for a judicial review of current extradition arrangements because the US has not signed the latest treaty, which absolves countries from having to provide evidence of the alleged crime before the extradition. Despite this, the Home Secretary has agreed to the extradition of Norris and other UK citizens under its terms.

Although the treaty was designed to combat terrorism, it is increasingly being used in white-collar crime cases.

The Court of Appeal recently refused the application, but said that the “lack of symmetry” that currently exists needs to be addressed by Parliament.