Not shy, but retiring

It’s tough being a complaints commissioner. The Bar Council’s man, Michael Scott, has just retired after nine years, and he made sure he went out with a bang.

Scott has slammed the Law Society, the Government and, best of all, he chose to print a choice selection of the friendly comments he’s received while on the job. Who’d have thought that handling someone’s complaint against a barrister would inspire this much vitriol?
“Only an accomplished mother f****r like yourself could maintain such a duplicitous charade/façade. Bisexual paedophile vermin like yourself are best advised to jump off the top of Northumberland House forthwith,” wrote one irritated person. Scott gleefully adds that the writer was subsequently sentenced to four years in prison and deported, albeit for a different crime.

Another complainant, who voiced doubt over Scott’s courage, later sent him a tin of Argentinian corned beef after being informed the former army officer had fought in the Falklands War.

Scott was also sent 30 copper pieces by the Soldier Sailor Airmen Royal Marines Commando Association after they named him ‘Rat of the Week’. Charming.