Court holds appeal

Lordy, what a party. Simmons & Simmons might not know how to hang on to the MoD as a client, but it sure knows how to pull the trigger on a good bash.

The Royal Courts of Justice was the venue for the 9 March soiree in celebration of Simmons’ 110th birthday. Yes, Tulkinghorn thought it was a bizarre reason to quaff such a large bucketload of champers and sushi too, but after the fourth glass he was in no mood to complain: after all, he plans to celebrate his own 63rd in similar style.

The whole firm, in town for last weekend’s partnership meeting, appeared to have turned out, including the divine but diminutive Tokyo managing partner Rika Beppu, a lady with so much grace she laughed when managing partner Mark Dawkins offered to lift her up so she could have “a proper look around”. Now that’s style.