Head of chambers at 11 Stone Buildings resigns

Michael Beckman QC is stepping down as head of chambers at 11 Stone Buildings after leading it since its inception 25 years ago.

Beckman will be replaced by commercial chancery and sports law expert Murray Rosen QC.

Rosen is the founding chairman of the Bar's Sports Law Group and his practice covers commercial fraud, insolvency, entertainment and media law, and financial services, with a broad client base ranging from The Football League in the Crystal Palace FC bankruptcy saga to Robbie Williams.

“Beckman has led the growth and development of the set, from seven common law barristers to 37 specialist business lawyers. A lot of chambers have followed things we have done,” says Rosen.

Ian Moyler, senior clerk at Brick Court Chambers, says that 11 Stone Buildings is known as a very progressive and relaxed set.

Rosen says: “We are heavily into e-commerce and are prominent in internet-based services, such as ADR products on the internet.”

The set now operates along three broad practice areas – commercial, company insolvency and property. It now plans to expand its other existing areas such as employment and successional trust work, which Rosen claims to have taken by “the scruff of the neck” and modernised.