Case of the week

'The only thing this court case has proved beyond reasonable doubt is that UK libel law is a disgrace to democracy and a menace to a free press. We apologise for nothing. But we will not be appealing. Life is too short…' So said LM editor Mick Hume after his magazine lost its case against ITN and its journalists Penny Marshall and Ian Williams. A jury found unanimously that an LM article headlined 'The picture that fooled the world' amounted to a highly-damaging attack on their reputations and professional integrity. The article alleged that pictures of Bosnian muslims at a camp in Trnopolje were taken to make it look as though they were being kept behind barbed wire. The damages of £75,000 for ITN, £150,000 for each of the journalists and legal costs estimated at £300,000 could bankrupt the magazine formerly known as Living Marxism.