Jackanory judge

The hugely impressive list of judges for this year’s The Lawyer Awards contains silks and chief executives, chief financial officers and managing directors. That much is well known. Less obvious is the fact that there is also an award-winning novelist.

Baroness Janet Cohen, non-executive chair of BPP Law School and Labour life peer, has a nifty sideline penning detective novels. The books, by a certain ‘Janet Neel’, are in the best tradition of good thrillers, featuring a detective chief inspector plus sidekick. Readers on Amazon seem to like them, giving one of Cohen’s books, O Gentle Death, four and a half stars out of five. Her first book, Death’s Bright Angel, even won the 1988 John Creasey Memorial Award for the best first crime novel.

Cohen/Neel has a new book out in July, this one about the mysterious deaths of eight asylum seekers. Apparently she hasn’t yet written one about lawyers, but surely it can only be a matter of time. Wonder how many she’ll kill off?