MoJ launches schools legal education project

School pupils are to be taught how the justice ­system works as part of a national curriculum change unveiled by justice minister Bridget Prentice and ­Attorney General Baroness Scotland QC.

An interactive website, called Your Justice Your World, has been designed to help young people understand the significance of the justice system as part of the Citizenship curriculum, which all schools are required to teach.

“Legal education isn’t just for aspiring lawyers – law and justice is for everyone,” said Baroness Scotland. “I believe that helping young people understand our legal system is critical to our efforts to build a safe and well-functioning society.”

The site, which will be rolled out to schools across England and Wales at both primary and secondary ­levels from September 2009, centres on a virtual town called Crownford Rise.

As part of their Citizenship modules, students aged between seven and 16 follow the lives of the town’s inhabitants and consider a range of situations covering all aspects of criminal, civil and family law.

Elsewhere, more than 300 A-level students have celebrated their graduation from the £1.5m Pathways to Law initiative.

The project is aimed at encouraging bright students from state schools to develop their interest in law through workshops and mentoring schemes.