Renoufs provides Brussels connection

The former Brussels office of the disbanded Legal Resources Group (LRG), run by Michael Renouf, has signed a deal to provide advice and regular EU law updates to the clients of Hampshire firm Blake Lapthorn – effectively acting as its Brussels office.

When the five members of the LRG – Osborne Clarke, Pinsent Curtis, Bond Pearce, Dickinson Dees and McGrigor Donald – disbanded this spring, they dropped their joint venture Brussels office and Renouf formed an independent firm with an associate and a paralegal – Renouf & Co.

The new firm still acts for Dickinson Dees, McGrigors and Pinsent Curtis, but is now open to offer EU law services to any regional firm, provided it does not compete with Renoufs' existing clients.

Renouf said: “There are many good regional law firms with good interesting clients who haven't got a clue how Brussels works and how they can deal with it. We can provide good EU law advice and the contacts.”

A Blake Lapthorn trainee is currently working at Renoufs' office. Renoufs will provide a weekly newsletter, monthly updates and day-to- day monitoring of European court judgments for Blake Lapthorn and its clients.