Law Society announces Mickey Mouse conference plan

You read it first in Tulkinghorn. Last October, The Lawyer's diary suggested the Law Society spice up the dull Solicitors' Annual Conference by holding it in EuroDisney.

And now the society has decided the 1999 conference will indeed be hosted by Mickey, Goofy and pals in Paris.

The society is desperate to attract younger solicitors to the conference, which it claims will not cost significantly more than traditional venues such as Bournemouth, this year's location.

Conference chairman Mark Stephens, of Stephens Innocent, said: “I wanted to get away from the old idea of a conference as a golf tour for the middle aged.” He promised the 1999 conference would be “a festival of law”.

Robert Sayer, the newly-elected vice-president of the Society, said he had suggested EuroDisney for a joke at last year's “incredibly boring” conference in Cardiff.

He welcomed the moves but wanted reassurance that EuroDisney offered the best facilities in Northern France.