Law firm's logo pushes 'fresh' image

City-based international law firm Richards Butler has become the latest law firm to adopt a new logo, which it hopes will make its name instantly recognisable.

The logo is the first phase of an overhaul of the firm's entire internal and external communications system.

Richards Butler said it wanted a logo that was contemporary, sharp and eye-catching but also in keeping with traditional values associated with the legal profession.

Chief executive Chris Schulten explained: “Our intention was to develop a fresh image which gives the firm a worldwide corporate identity relevant to all the diverse markets in which we operate and which has the ability to be instantly recognised in an increasingly cluttered marketplace.”

Paul Hoskins, of Hoskins Associates, which designed the corporate identity, said the new look had enormous potential for development because of its innovative use of colour. He added: “The new corporate image differentiates the firm and sets it apart from its competitors and, in time, will make a significant contribution to Richard Butler's growing reputation.”