Glitter Bands fight over leaders of the gang

Another Chancery Division pop battle is looming in 1997, this time between members of Gary Glitter's former group, the Glitter Band.

In a preliminary pre-Christmas skirmish, two members of the original chart-topping Glitter Band took a former member to court to curb his activities with a rival, and they claim bogus, Glitter Band.

At the end of that brief hearing Mr Justice Rattee refused moves which could have led to former Glitter Band trombonist John Rossall – a Gary Glitter look-alike – being jailed.

But he warned Rossall that if he continued touring with his current group, which is being advertised as the "Glitter Band", he could face serious consequences when his former band colleagues, Gerry Shepherd and Peter Phipps, bring the case back to court early this year.

Court orders were initially made back in 1983, and at the time the moves were backed by Gary Glitter, banning Rossall from calling any group he was involved in the "Glitter Band" or using the word "Glitter" in any group name.

In the pre-Christmas moves launched by Shepherd, who is leader of the current four-man Glitter Band, and drummer Peter Phipps, the judge was told that Stockport-based Rossall is touring with a rival Glitter Band.

That, claims the original band, is resulting in fans going to shows expecting to see them, and instead finding Rossall's group on the bill.

Gary Glitter himself is not involved in the action, however, because he has since severed his connection with the band.