Offshore top 30

1 – Appleby, Group chairman: Peter Bubenzer, Managing partner: Michael O’Connell

Staff: 805
Fee-earners: 255
Qualified lawyers: 210
Partners/directors: 75
Equity partners: Not disclosed
Female partners: 21
Female equity partners: Not disclosed
Number of offices: 11
Locations: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, London, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zurich
Key practice areas: Corporate and commercial, litigation and insolvency, private client and trusts, property
Key clients: Barclays, BP International, Hiscox, HSBC, Royal Skandia
Staff: 228
Fee-earners: 187
Partners: 5

Michael O'Connell
Michael O’Connell

Although total staff numbers in Appleby’s legal arm were very marginally up last year, and slightly more substantially in the firm’s fiduciary, the firm’s lawyer headcount was down. Overall fee-earner numbers dropped by 15, qualified lawyer numbers by 12 and the firm had seven fewer partners.

Bermuda was one location that suffered, with redundancies at the beginning of 2011. Nevertheless, while the chasing pack narrowed the gap slightly, Appleby still dwarfs its rivals by overall headcount.

Office numbers were also down. The firm quietly closed its Bahrain office at the end of March 2011
amid unrest in the country. Office managing director Jeanne Bartlett relocated to London and has since retired.

Appleby is now planning to invest in Asia instead and this week announced the imminent launch of a Shanghai representative office. The firm’s fiduciary will open in China first, followed by lawyers later in the year.

Last year saw a revamp of Appleby’s management structure. The firm replaced its executive board with a group management board headed by Peter Bubenzer as chairman. Michael O’Connell stepped up from being Jersey managing partner to become group managing partner. A further five partners join the duo on the board.

Appleby’s partner to associate ratio barely changed, at 1.8 associates for every partner compared with 1.7 the previous year. Its female partner percentage, at 28 per cent, also remained static.

2 Maples and Calder

Managing partner: Henry Smith
Staff: 604
Fee-earners: 242
Qualified lawyers: 203
Partners: 63
Equity partners: 23
Female partners: 14
Female equity partners: 1
Number of offices: 10 – (2 legal,
4 legal and fiduciary, 4 fiduciary)
Locations: British Virgin Islands, London (both legal), Cayman Islands, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong (all legal and fiduciary), Luxembourg, New York, Montreal, Delaware (all fiduciary)
Key practice areas: Corporate, finance, investment funds, insolvency, IP and technology, litigation, private equity, property, regulatory, sports, tax, trusts and private client
Key clients: “As the pre-eminent offshore law firm, we have an unrivalled client list, which runs to literally thousands of institutional and financial clients. It is not possible to name just six of them.”
Fiduciary and fund services
Staff: 217
Fee-earners: 150
Management: 9

Maples and Calder saw decent growth in 2011, with staff numbers in its legal firm breaking through the 600-person mark and in its fiduciary, Maples FS, through the 200 barrier. Numbers were up at all levels, including the equity partnership, which was up by four.

The firm improved its ranking in the female partnership standings by adding no fewer than six women to its non-equity partnership over the year, bringing the proportion of female partners to 22 per cent. Meanwhile, its partner to associate ratio did not change, at 2.2 associates for every partner.

There were a number of developments at the management level of Maples over the year. Five ’global practice group leader’ positions were created, in corporate, finance, funds, litigation and trusts, with the aim of coordinating client service consistently around the world.

Management elections in November saw the re-election of Henry Smith as global managing partner. The firm also recruited Jude Scott as chief executive in February 2011. Scott was formerly an audit partner at Ernst & Young in Cayman.

The firm continued to recruit partners for its Dublin office, which now employs more than 175 staff and which is operating as a full-service Irish firm.
2012 is likely to see no significant change in strategic direction, but continued growth.

3 Walkers

Chairman: Grant Stein
Managing partner: Diarmad Murray
Staff: 393
Fee-earners: 161
Qualified lawyers: 161
Partners/directors: 57
Equity partners: Not disclosed
Female partners: 17
Female equity partners: Not disclosed
Number of offices: Nine
Locations: British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jersey, London, Ireland, Singapore, Delaware (management services only)
Key practice areas: Corporate and international finance law with an emphasis on investment funds, capital markets and structured finance
Key clients: Apollo, Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, MGM China Holdings, Petrobras
Staff: 105

In common with its main rivals in the offshore space, 2011 was a year of management rejigs for Walkers. Chairman Wayne Panton retired
in July 2011 and was replaced by managing partner Grant Stein; Stein was in turn replaced by Diarmad Murray. In December Stein also announced his retirement, although this has not yet taken effect.

Walkers was on a growth spurt in 2011, adding 39 staff, a handful of fee-earners and five partners to its roster. The number of women in the partnership was unchanged at 17, pushing the proportion down to just below 30 per cent – still one of the largest proportions in the offshore top 30. Growth came through both promotions and lateral hires, with three partners joining Walkers’ Dublin office near the start of the year.

Two new practice groups were formed: tax in Dublin and insurance-linked securities in Cayman and Dublin. Further growth of both is on the cards for 2012, with the firm also pledging to continue development of its insolvency group. Walkers also reported “good activity” in frontier markets such as Mongolia and Indonesia.

4 Mourant Ozannes

Managing partner:
Jonathan Rigby
Staff: 447
Fee-earners: 223
Qualified lawyers: 159
Partners/directors: 53
Equity partners: 53
Female partners: 7
Female equity partners: 7
Number of offices: Five
Locations: Cayman, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, London
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate, employment, financial services and regulatory, funds, insolvency and restructuring, insurance, litigation, property, trusts and private client
Key clients: Aviva, Cheyne Capital Management, Hutchinson Whampoa, Kleinwort Benson, WPP

Mourant Ozannes continued its post-merger honeymoon in 2011 with more hires and, most significantly, the opening of an Hong Kong office. The office launched formally in January 2012, but was up and running at the end of 2011, with Guernsey partner Paul Christopher relocating to Asia.
The firm also launched what it calls a “Cayman in Europe” team, with hires from Maples and Calder and Walkers, to provide Cayman legal advice in the European timezone. Mourant Ozannes is maintaining its physical presence in Cayman as well.

While the total number of staff at the firm rose only marginally, fee-earner and qualified lawyer headcounts went up more substantially. By the end of 2011 Mourant Ozannes employed 15 more lawyers than the previous year, including four more partners.

The firm is one of the few offshore firms to operate an all-equity partnership. However, the number of female partners remains low, at just 13 per cent of the partnership.

The firm was the largest to disclose any turnover information, reporting that its revenue was up by “over 5 per cent” in 2011.

5 Conyers Dill & Pearman

Chairman: John Collis
Staff: 538
Fee-earners: 171
Qualified lawyers: 139
Partners: 47
Equity partners: Not disclosed
Female partners: 10
Female equity partners: Not disclosed
Number of offices: 11
Locations: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, São Paulo, Singapore
Key practice areas: Corporate, banking, finance, investment funds and private equity, litigation, capital markets, Islamic finance, asset finance, insurance, bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, private client and trusts, property, ship and aircraft registration and finance, IP, trademarks and patents
Key clients: Itau Unibanco, Lloyds TSB, Man Investments, Moody’s, Reynolds Group Target, Vallares, Vodafone
While Conyers Dill & Pearman added a net total of two partners to its partnership in 2011, its overall headcount fell by 46. There was a net decrease of 16 fee-earners and a drop of 13 qualified lawyers. The firm’s female partnership dropped by two, bringing the proportion of women at Conyers down to 21 per cent from last year’s 27 per cent.

Like its larger rival Appleby, Conyers made a small number of redundancies in its Bermuda headquarters in early 2011.

Investments at the firm included the relocation of the firm’s BVI office to a new building in July 2011. While overall numbers dropped, there was recruitment during 2011, notably in Cayman, Moscow and Hong Kong. Despite the redundancies early in the year, three lawyers were also hired for Bermuda.

In November Charles Collis relocated to London to take over as office managing partner, replacing Christopher Johnson-Gilbert, who became of counsel.
Conyers declined to reveal any information about its revenue, although the firm said it expected growth in activity from Asia during 2012 .

6 Ogier

Group CEO: Nick Kershaw
Legal CEO: James Bergstrom
Staff: 397
Fee-earners: 184
Qualified lawyers: 166
Partners/directors: 42
Equity partners: 28
Female partners: 5
Female equity partners: 3
Number of offices: 10
Locations: British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, London, Shanghai, Tokyo (legal and fiduciary), Bahrain, Dublin (fiduciary only)
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate and commercial, listing services, derivatives, employee benefits, employment, investment funds, litigation, private wealth, trusts, real estate, restructuring and insolvency
Key clients: Barclays , Deutsche Bank, Thomas Cook, United Company Rusal, Waitrose
Staff: 444
Fee-earners: 269
Partners: 9

Ogier’s partner to associate ratio remained high and unchanged at one partner for every three associates last year, following a slight rise in both figures. Female partner numbers did not improve much, with one extra woman in the partnership but a drop in percentage terms.

Strategically the most significant development at Ogier in 2011 was the July opening of a Shanghai office, led by partner Kristy Calvert. Like many offshore firms Ogier is convinced of the importance of Asia for its practice. It nailed its colours firmly to the mast by being the first into mainland China. The firm also has an office in Hong Kong and a smaller representative base in Tokyo.

The firm’s management was generally stable. In September Matthew Swan took over as Jersey managing partner from Matthew Thompson in an uncontested election, while Sarah Fitz got the nod from partners to take over as non-executive chair at the beginning of February 2012 following the retirement of Clive Chaplin.

7 Carey Olsen

Chairman: John Kelleher
Managing partners: John Greenfield (Guernsey), Alex Ohlsson (Jersey)
Staff: 263
Fee-earners: 122
Qualified lawyers: 119
Partners/directors: 38
Equity partners: Not disclosed
Female partners: 3
Female equity partners: Not disclosed
Number of offices: Three
Locations: Guernsey, Jersey, London
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate and M&A, employment, funds and private equity, litigation, property, trust and fiduciary
Key clients: Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Northern Trust, RBS, Société Générale

It was a steady year for Channel Islands firm Carey Olsen. Overall staff numbers remained unchanged from 2010’s, while fee-earner and lawyer numbers rose slightly and the firm added one partner. Accordingly, the partner to associate ratio also remained similar to the previous year’s. There was one less woman in the partnership, bringing the proportion down to less than 10 per cent.

Carey Olsen remains committed to its core jurisdictions of Guernsey and Jersey and has not ventured further overseas than London, in contrast with many of its competitors.

Its key transactions over the year focused on listings of Channel Islands companies on the London Stock Exchange, including the IPO of Russian precious metals mining company Polymetal International on the main market. The firm remains a key player in the listings market, as well as acting for more Guernsey-based funds than any other firm.

8 Hassans

Managing partner: Javier Chincotta
Staff: 183
Fee-earners: 84
Qualified lawyers: 78
Partners/directors: 30
Equity partners: 24
Female partners: 6
Female equity partners: 3
Number of offices: Two
Locations: Gibraltar, Spain
Key practice areas: Corporate
and commercial, real estate,
tax, private client and trusts, financial services, funds, trust
and company management, Spanish law, legislative drafting, litigation
Key clients: Not disclosed
Staff: 69
Fee-earners: 64
Partners: 1

Gibraltar-based Hassans rises up the rankings one place this year, leaping Bedell Cristin, after adding three partners to its roster when
it promoted Richard Buttigieg, Abigail Harrison and Raquel Moss in July. The firm also has one more associate than the previous year. However, the
equity partnership dropped by one partner. A fifth of Hassans’ partners are female.

The firm announced eight junior recruits in November 2011 – five barristers and three trainee solicitors – including the sons of senior partners James Levy QC and Peter Montegriffo. A large number of Hassans’ associates were originally called to the bar before joining the firm.

In line with other big Gibraltar firms, Hassans retains its local focus and has worked with the Gibraltar government and the Financial Services Commission
to draft new legislation.

However, it also works internationally through its membership of the TerraLex alliance.

9 Bedell Cristin

Managing partner: Richard Gerwat
Staff: 136
Fee-earners: 79
Qualified lawyers: 61
Partners: 29
Equity partners: 18
Female partners: 3
Female equity partners: 1
Number of offices: Six
Locations: Geneva, Guernsey, Jersey, London, Mauritius
(legal and fiduciary), Dublin (fiduciary only)
Key practice areas: Banking, corporate finance, capital markets, investment funds and private equity, insurance, litigation, insolvency and restructuring, international, private client and trust law, commercial property
Key clients: Aviva, Barclays, Deutsche Postbank, RBSI, Santander
Staff: 155
Fee-earners: 105
Partners: 27

Bedell Cristin built on the 2010 launch of a British Virgin Islands (BVI) law capability last year by setting up a formal BVI partnership and planning the February 2012 launch of a BVI office through the hire of Barker Adams founder Stephen Adams. The firm plans to use the capability to source work from China and Asia and reports that its Mauritius office, now a year old, is proving useful in establishing contacts in the region.

Headcount-wise, there was little change at Bedell Cristin. The firm ended 2011 with 29 partners compared with 30 in 2010, although the number of equity partners rose to 18 from 15. The number of qualified lawyers dropped from 64 to 61. The firm’s fiduciary, Bedell Trust, saw more significant growth.

Bedell Cristin continues to have one of the lowest partner to associate ratios of any offshore firm, with 1.1 associates for every partner. However, it also has one of the lowest female partner proportions at 10 per cent.

10 Harneys

Managing partner: Richard Peters
Staff: 150
Fee-earners: 84
Qualified lawyers: 80
Partners: 26
Equity partners: 13
Female partners: 7
Female equity partners: 2
Number of offices: Six
Locations: British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Cyprus, London, Hong Kong, Montevideo
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate and commercial, investment funds and regulatory, litigation and insolvency, private client
Key clients: Barclays, HSBC, Itaú, TNK-BP, Virgin
Staff: 70
Fee-earners: 55
Partners/directors: 4

Despite recruiting 18 lawyers throughout 2011, Harneys saw only a small net rise in lawyer numbers after a loss of 13. Turnover was particularly high in Hong Kong and Cayman, each losing a partner. The firm reported a figure of 80 qualified lawyers for the year ending 2011 compared with 75 the previous year. It also added two partners.

For the first time Harneys disclosed the proportion of its partnership belonging to the equity – 50 per cent, of which 11 are male and two female. Overall, with just over a quarter of its partnership being women, the firm scores well in the diversity stakes.

Harneys’ main focus continues to be the BVI, with key cases including an instruction from a consortium of investors on litigation related to the Madoff fraud. The firm is also investing in Hong Kong by establishing a BVI litigation desk there. It also appointed a permanent representative in Brazil last year.

11 Collas Crill

Managing partners: Kathryn Purkis and Jason Romer
Chairman: Alex Rodger
Staff: 137
Fee-earners: 79
Qualified lawyers: 52
Partners/directors: 24
Equity partners: 13
Female partners: 3
Female equity partners: 3
Number of offices: 4
Locations: Guernsey, Jersey, London (marketing office), Singapore
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, employment, investment funds, insolvency and restructuring, IP and e-business, personal and family law, property, risk and regulatory, trust and foundations, wills and estates
Key clients: Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, Investec, RBS International, Speechly Bircham
Staff: 10
Fee-earners: 8
Directors: 3

Collas Crill makes its debut in the offshore survey following the April 2011 merger between Collas Day in Guernsey and Crill Canavan in Jersey. The merger propelled Collas Crill up the rankings and was also the catalyst for the firm to launch its first overseas office in Singapore.

The newly combined firm also made a number of hires at both the partner and senior associate levels.

During 2012 the firm wants to focus on growing in Asia. Collas Crill is also undertaking a strategic review of its Guernsey trust company, with the aim of aligning it better to specific markets.

12 Cains

Managing director: Andrew Corlett
Staff: 62
Fee-earners: 34
Qualified lawyers: 26
Directors: 14
Equity directors: 7
Female directors: 0
Female equity directors: 0
Number of offices: 3
Locations: Isle of Man, London, Singapore
Key practice areas: Corporate and commercial
Key clients: Anglo Gold Ashanti, Barclays, Ernst & Young, Eros International, Lamprell
Fiduciary and accounting services
Staff: 28
Fee-earners: 15
Directors: 10

Isle of Man firm Cains enjoyed a stable year in headcount terms and said revenue for the financial year to the end of June 2011 was up by 12 per cent.
Headcount was similar to the previous year’s. Cains is a body corporate and still has seven ’directors’ of the company, a status roughly equivalent to equity partner. There are a further seven ’departmental directors’ who have an equivalent status to salaried partner.

The year saw the completion of the firm’s move to a new single office, which amalgamated its legal, fiduciary and accounting divisions into one building. Cains also established a fiduciary offering in Singapore.

Asia is set to be the firm’s focus for 2012.

13 Triay & Triay

Managing partner: Joseph Triay
Staff: 65
Fee-earners: 32
Qualified lawyers: 32
Partners: 12
Equity partners: 12
Female partners: 0
Female equity partners: 0
Number of offices: 3
Locations: Cadiz, Gibraltar, Marbella
Key practice areas: Corporate and commercial, dispute resolution and insolvency, private client and trusts, property, shipping
Key clients: Not disclosed

Gibraltar’s Triay & Triay made no major hires during 2011 and continues to pursue a steady course, focusing on its core areas of corporate, litigation, private client, property and shipping work. The steady year follows a busier 2010, when four associates were hired.

Like fellow Gibraltar practices Hassans and Isolas, Triay & Triay also maintains offices on mainland Spain, managed by partner Alejandro Ponce de Leon Rodriquez.

14 Thorp Alberga

Managing partner: Michael Alberga
Staff: 33
Fee-earners: 17
Qualified lawyers: 14
Partners: 10
Equity partners: 10
Female partners: 5
Female equity partners: 5
Number of offices: Two
Locations: Cayman Islands,
Hong Kong
Key practice areas: Funds, finance, asset finance, aircraft and ship registration, corporate, insurance and regulatory, litigation, private client
Key clients: Green Dragon Gas, PAG Asia

Thorp Alberga stands out among offshore firms for its unique partner-heavy model – and also for its 50:50 male to female partner ratio. All partners are in the equity.

The firm had an expansionist year, hiring Linda Martin and Anne Todd from Walkers for its Cayman office and Matthew Stocker from Appleby for Hong Kong. Thorp Alberga is planning further lateral recruitment in 2012.

The firm said turnover was increasing rapidly on the back of the development of its international practice and that it is confident that this year’s revenue will “greatly exceed [earlier] expectations”.

15 Babbé

Managing partner: Andrew Laws
Staff: 47
Fee-earners: 27
Qualified lawyers: 24
Partners/directors: 8
Equity partners: 8
Female partners: 0
Female equity partners: 0
Number of offices: One
Location: Guernsey
Key practice areas: Dispute resolution, funds, trusts, pensions.
Key clients: Not disclosed

Babbé’s headcount rose at all levels last year and the firm now has eight partners (all male) and a further
16 qualified lawyers. Recruitment included senior hires Robert Varley, previously at Walkers, and Nicholas Donnithorne, who moved offshore from Reed Smith, where he was counsel.

The Guernsey firm is now the largest single-island practice in the Channel Islands following the merger of close competitors Collas Day and Crill Canavan.

16 Mello Jones & Martin

Staff: 60
Fee-earners: 18
Qualified lawyers: 18
Directors: 8
Equity directors: 8
Female directors: 1
Female equity directors: 1
Number of offices: One
Location: Bermuda
Key practice areas: Corporate, litigation, family, property, trusts, wills and estates
Key clients: Not disclosed

Bermuda-based Mello Jones & Martin will slip down the rankings next year following the loss of three of its senior partners in early 2012. Saul Froomkin QC left the firm after 25 years to join rival Bermuda practice ISIS Law, while Michael Mello and Juliana Snelling are also understood to have left the firm.
However, at the end of 2011 Mello Jones still had eight directors and a further 10 lawyers, practising across the main areas of offshore law. The firm has two associated companies, corporate administrator Quorum and trustee company Fiduciary Partners Trust Company.

17 Marshall Diel & Myers

Managing partner: Timothy Marshall
Staff: 21
Fee-earners: 11
Qualified lawyers: 10
Directors: 8
Equity directors: 8
Female directors: 3
Female equity directors: 3
Number of offices: 1
Location: Bermuda
Key practice areas: Commercial litigation, matrimonial and family, insolvency, employment
Key clients: Not disclosed

Like Thorp Alberga, Bermuda firm Marshall Diel & Myers is heavily partner-led. The firm promoted four associates to director (partner equivalent) level in 2011. This means it has just two qualified lawyers in addition to its eight partners, creating the lowest partner to associate ratio among offshore firms.
Three of the partners are women, which puts Marshall Diel in a strong position on diversity compared with most of the offshore market.

The firm focuses on litigation, employment, insolvency and family matters and advises Bermudian and international clients.

18 Isolas

Staff: 53
Fee-earners: 26
Qualified lawyers: 26
Partners/directors: 7
Equity partners: 2
Female partners: 1
Female equity partners: 0
Number of offices: 2
Locations: Gibraltar, Spain
Key practice areas: Funds, corporate finance, trust litigation, gaming, property, government, financial services, private client, admiralty and shipping, employment, commercial and civil litigation
Key clients: Europort International Holdings, Financial Services Commission, Government of Gibraltar, Jyske Bank (Gibraltar), Lombard Odier

Gibraltar firm Isolas rejigged its internal management structure in 2011, replacing the position of managing partner held by Christian Rocca with a new management board. Partners Albert Isola, Elliott Phillips and Jonathan Garcia sit on the committee.

While partner numbers at Isolas remained static year-on-year, lawyer numbers went up by four. However, the firm has recently made up associate Steven Caetano in recognition of the growing importance of his practice area, e-commerce.

19 Simcocks

Chief executive: Phil Games
Staff: 28
Fee-earners: 25
Qualified lawyers: 19
Directors: 7
Equity directors: Not disclosed
Female directors: 1
Female equity directors: Not disclosed
Number of offices: Two
Locations: Isle of Man, London
Key practice areas: Banking and finance, corporate and commercial, litigation and dispute resolution, employment, family, property, trusts
Key clients: Not disclosed

Manx firm Simcocks maintained its partnership of seven throughout 2011, but lost three fee-earners in the course of the year. The firm has 12 associates and a further three legal assistants, with a further three articled clerks to boost its fee-earner numbers.

20 Campbell

Managing partner:
Alistair Walters
Staff: 45
Fee-earners: 20
Qualified lawyers: 18
Partners: 7
Equity partners: 4
Female partners: 0
Female equity partners: 0
Number of offices: 2
Locations: British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands
Key practice areas: Banking and structured finance, compliance and regulatory, corporate and commercial, restructuring and insolvency, insurance, investment funds, litigation, private client, real estate and local practice, shipping and aviation, trusts, venture capital
Key clients: BNY Mellon, HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, UBS
Staff: 5
Fee-earners: 4
Partners: 0

Campbells entered the offshore top 20 after promoting associate Guy Manning to partner in May 2011. The Cayman-headquartered firm now has seven partners, with four holding the equity, and a further 11 lawyers. Like at a number of other offshore firms none are female.

The firm marked 2011 by establishing a BVI office and is planning a move to new premises in Grand Cayman during 2012.

Turnover-wise, Campbells had a solid year, reporting growth of 5 per cent between 2010 and 2011.

21 Forbes Hare

Managing partner: William Hare
Staff: 30
Fee-earners: 19
Qualified lawyers: 19
Partners: 6
Equity partners: Not disclosed
Female partners: Not disclosed
Female equity partners: Not disclosed
Number of offices: Two
Locations: British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands
Key practice areas: Litigation, insolvency and restructuring, corporate finance, M&A, investment funds
Key clients: Deutsche Bank, Farallon Capital Management, liquidators of Fairfield Sentry, liquidators of Mount Capital Fund, Triple Plate Junction
Staff: 6
Fee-earners: 3
Partners: 2

BVI-headquartered Forbes Hare reported a bumper year of growth, with revenue up by 27 per cent.

The revenue hike came on the back of work for the liquidators of two funds that were feeders into Bernard Madoff’s fraudulent investments.

The Madoff fraud led to the collapse of both funds and intense litigation over the multibillion-dollar losses continues.

The six-partner firm has two offices, in the BVI and Cayman. It is focusing on recruitment from onshore firms only and is considering both expansion
into private wealth and also the possibility of opening an office in Europe.

22 Wakefield Quin

Managing partner: Nicholas Hoskins
Staff: 43
Fee-earners: 28
Qualified lawyers: 17
Partners: 6
Equity partners: 6
Female partners: 1
Female equity partners: 1
Number of offices: 1
Location: Bermuda

Key practice areas: General corporate, litigation, property, funds, corporate and trust administration servicesBermuda firm Wakefield Quin operates an all-equity partnership with six partners and another 11 lawyers. The firm made two hires in its corporate team last year and is content with its size at the moment.

The firm said turnover last year was “generally flat”, which, given the economic climate and anecdotal evidence that Bermuda has been one of the harder-hit of the offshore jurisdictions, is a solid performance.

23 Solomon Harris

Managing partner: Sophia Harris
Staff: 30
Fee-earners: 18
Qualified lawyers: 17
Partners: 6