The height of silly season

It really is August, despite the rain.

Proof reached The Lawyer this morning from well-known Scottish firm Muir Myles Laverty. (What you’ve never heard of them?)

Name partner John Muir claims the rapid increase in registered employment tribunal claims is all down to Sir Alan Sugar and his catchphrase, “You’re fired” (see story).

At the height of the silly season, Muir has outdone himself in terms of garnering press coverage for a totally spurious claim. It even beats the traditional pre-Christmas missive, also always from a firm you’ve never heard of, warning of the perils of the Christmas party (it should be due any time soon).

More proof that we are indeed in the dog days of the summer came today courtesy of Norton Rose. Apparently the firm has stumped up £1.9m to get a new IT system that includes desk-to-desk video calls (see story). Doesn’t it know it could get a bunch of webcams from Currys for under a tenner each?

Roll on September.