Loeb expands collection to launch fashion group

Los Angeles-based entertainment powerhouse Loeb & Loeb has launched a fashion and luxury brand industry group on the back of the proposals of new copyright laws protecting the industry in the US.

The move follows last week’s proposal by New York senator Chuck Schumer to pass a bill that would extend copyright law to cover designs in the $350bn (£174.5bn) industry.

Los Angeles-based partner James Williams will chair the new group, which is expected to service many of the firm’s existing high-end clients including Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Vans and True Religion.

The group also includes New York-based partner David Ansel, Los Angeles partner Allan Duboff and associates Noah Leichtling, Shannon McMasters and David Wardle.

Williams, who also advises on the exclusive music apparel licenses for The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, said that the group was formed to reflect the “tremendous” growth of the fashion industry.

“Our industry relationships and experience position us to deliver solutions quickly,” he said. He added that jobs involved in the fashion industry include brand management solutions, financing exercises and IP enforcement.

Currently, US copyright law covers certain embellishments and trademark law protects labels and logos on fashion items. However, design, cut, shape or overall appearance of a piece of clothing is not protected.

The White House is also considering a similar bill, the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, which would outlaw design that are “substantially similar” to registered designs.